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Found-object Sculpture

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Citizen Cube
2 feet tall
$200  Not Available
Different color schemes on each side. Two shiny black hands rise from the cube, ready to type on the mangled keyboard. Also on the top are a dismantled printer and an exposed hard drive.
3.5 feet tall
$995  Sold
This jack rabbit's nose is made from a computer monitor coil. His toes are made from a hard disk drive and a floppy drive. The insides of his ears are shiny copper sheeting. He is alert and ready to thump the ground in warning.
Won People's Choice Award at Texas Sculpture Association NorthPark Membership Show.

1 foot tall, 6 feet long
Iguanagator is a cross between an Iquana and an Alligator. He is six feet long and a very likable fellow. "Iggy" has a distinctive head that started life as a Diablo daisywheel printer.
Won Buster Fain Award at Associated Creative Artists Show.
3 feet tall
K-9 is a good dog standing over his bowl of yummy computer parts. His nose made from a radar detector. At shows (art shows, not dog shows), the public can't resist petting him.
Won Award of Excellence at Plano Art Association National Show.

Mama, Lambsey & Divey
2 feet tall
This is a family of cuddly sheep. The two lambs are covered with real lambswool, and Mama sports a lovely coat made from a collection of mops.
Won Third Place at Plano Art Association National Juried Exhibition.
  Lady Lizard
1 foot tall
$95  Not Available
This lady keeps a watchful eye over her two hatching eggs. One offspring is mostly biological while the other one is . . . not.

5 feet tall
Not available
This is a tall three-piece collection reflecting multi-faceted themes. One hand aims a camera at the other hand which is holding a mask in front of a robot-like reptile. This sculpture speaks to the thin veneer of civilization.
  Sidewinder Sandwich
3 feet tall
Our reptilian friend has a "mouse" lunch. He is rising from a rough terrain of computer power supplies. The terrain is flanked by two Mac keyboards and a series of 5-1/4" floppy diskettes.

Split Second
2.5 feet tall
$95  Not Available
This work depicts a rabbit and a small frog suddenly confronted by a menacing snake. The head of the snake is a portable vacuum.
Won Second Place at Plano Art Association National Juried Exhibition.
  Spiney Lizard on Burl Block
1 foot tall
This alert little guy is a desert dweller. His head is made from a hard drive head.

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